We wish you a Monsy Christmas!

The Mons Cheese Display

It’s December and this means it’s time for cheese retailing again.  This year, I will be working at the Borough Market Mons Cheesemongers stand.  I did a few shifts back in the spring this year when the stand was newly opened so in some ways it’s just a question of jogging the memory and hopefully it will all come flooding back.  So far I have helped close up the main stand so that we could set up our temporary stand at the Borough Market’s Evening of Cheese which seemed to go ok although perhaps not at my speedy best and helped set up the stand this morning – again not quite up to speed but not too disorganised.  Tomorrow is the first full shift and it being a Friday will hopefully be reasonably busy.

Borough Market is looking pleasingly Christmassy with mistletoe on the veg stands and christmas trees for sale on Stoney Street.  On the cheese stand we have mountains of Vacherin from Sancey Richard and it is blooming delicious.  I am about to spend at least half my wages on cheese again I can tell.  So far I’ve already had to head home with a Bicaillou and some Beaufort Alpage.  Incidentally if you’re near Borough Market, those are also my top tips – along with a Vacherin if you’re up for 500g of spoonably runny cheesey gorgeousness and really why wouldn’t you be?

Next week of course will be when it gets properly busy.  The Market is open daily now although most customers apart from the real local regulars won’t realise this and will still come along on the usual market days of Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  And as always, the biggest rush of sales and customers will come at the end of the month.  Every year, all retailers comment that the sales peak gets later and later.  You just have to hold your nerve and believe that it will happen.  Then on Christmas Eve, it’s all over for another year.

Elsey & Bent's Mistletoe and Holly

Christmas Trees on Stoney Street

Christmas Wreaths Borough style

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