A visit to Nettlebed

Yesterday, on a gloriously sunny day, my parents and I went to visit Nettlebed.  They were curious about where I was going to be living, having never seen it.  I needed to look around the house I’ll probably be living in with a view to things like furniture and curtains.  I also, of course, wanted to have a look at the building site.

Frankly, yesterday, the place could not have looked prettier and we had a productive time measuring windows in the house etc.  Then, we moved on to look at the site.

Progress has been made, my friends.  Progress has been made.

Drainage channels have been dug (that’s why there are piles of earth everywhere at floor level in the photo).  Timbers to provide a framework for wall cladding are up.  The brickwork of the walls at the bottom will be being done next week according to the two charmingly polite lads on the site.

In about a week’s time it’s going to look properly like a building which is very exciting indeed.

Bits of walls.  Piles of rubble.  All good progress.
Bits of walls. Piles of rubble. All good progress.


And the house?  Very nice indeed.  I’m already making plans for the garden which, I think, is a good sign.

IMG_1236 (2)

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