2 days to go

Well as things stand at the moment I nearly have somewhere to live in Cumbria – a nice cottage with a spare room and a lovely hillside view that I went to see on Saturday – and I have 2 days left at Neal’s Yard Dairy.  There’s not too much factual to report other than I am looking forward to cheesemaking with Martin Gott and also to a few shifts a week at Cartmel Cheese too which looks like it sells a lot of the cheeses I’m already familiar with and a few exciting others besides so I am not envisaging this being too much of a stretch.  In fact if I were setting up my own deli I’d probably pick most of the cheeses they already stock so I’m looking forward to a bit of retailing again.  I noticed a couple of Mons cheeses and some other good Northern types from Doddington Dairy too which I’m very happy to be closer acquainted with in future.

The only thing striking me at the moment (and I promise not to let this get too far into the realms of naval gazing because that’s my pet blog hate) is that I don’t really feel like I’m leaving NYD.  Perhaps because due to its very close links with cheesemakers through the years, I’ve always felt like a lot of the people whose cheeses we / soon to be they buy are friends of mine – in some cases I started my NYD career with them (Kim Trethowan of Gorwydd to name but one) and also because leaving the inner circle of NYD means simply joining the wider circle.  Martin himself has spent a December working on our shop counters not to mention the times we’ve all braved the retailing experience together out in Italy at the Cheese (Le Forme di Latte) festival in Bra, Italy.  Perhaps NYD is a bit like the Hotel California – you can check out any time you want, but you’ll never leave.  I’ll let you know.

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